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Melozide has received thousands of calls, e-mails and letters from satisfied customers. Here are just a few of our favorites:

“I have suffered with hemorrhoids since the birth of my first child 25 years ago. Like most, I have tried everything, including doctor prescribed medication. NOTHING worked. Most recently, my doctor told me that I have an anal fissure, a thin slit-like tear and could take months to heal. I was at the end of my rope and didn’t think I could last another day with the unbearable pain. I found your product on the internet and decided to take a chance, since you have a money back guarantee.

The testimonials to your product are all TRUE! This is the most amazing product I have ever used. It worked IMMEDIATELY! I thought I would at least have another week of suffering until the product started working, but within minutes I felt better than I have in years of suffering. I didn’t have bleeding or itching. Thanks to MELOZIDE , I am a new person.  It is wonderful to finally find a product that does what it claims and more!"

Thank you!
Rita, VA

“Hi. Just wanted to say THANKS for a wonderful product. After a year of going to the doctor using prescriptions with no relief, I luckily found your product. I was to the point where I was going to go for surgery. I am so glad I didn’t have to. I will never be without your product again. Thanks!”

John, NY

“I had hemorrhoid surgery one year ago. That was one of the most painful experiences I had ever suffered through. I thought everything would go well after my surgery, but I was wrong. I had  hemorrhoids again just 10 months after my surgery! No way was I going in for another painful operation. So I decided to try using your ointment. And I am glad I did. Not only was it painless, it was also much cheaper."

Thank you so much!
Teresa, FL

“Your hemorrhoid cure is simply wonderful. I used it for 5 days and there’s no more bleeding and pain now. I have suffered from hemorrhoids for the past 10 years and no other cream has ever worked for me. All I got was temporary pain relief. I was skeptical when I ordered your product but I am 100% convinced now. Your product is the best hemorrhoid treatment I have ever tried. Thank you so much.”

Bob, MI

“I have been having hemorrhoids for the past 3 months. A few weeks ago I went to see my doctor and he recommended that I go for rectal surgery. I panicked! Then, I found your product on the internet. I used it as a last resort and was totally amazed with the results! I have seen a great improvement since then. I no longer bleed and my hemorrhoids are gone.”

Peter, TX

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